How can I shop or place an order?
Please refer to the “How to Order” section.

Do I need an account to order?
You can checkout as “guest”, but we recommend you to make an account so we can have a record of your information so it will be faster and more convenient for you to make your next purchase and also to keep track of you orders.

What should I do if I forgot my password?
Click the “forgot your password?” button and follow the instructions.

Are your products manufactured in Indonesia?
All of our products are handcrafted, designed and made in our studio in Indonesia.

Will you be getting your sold out items back in stock?
Generally we are not able to re-stock our products, however we will consider to re-stock some of our highly demanded products. Please click the “Notify Me” link to get updates on the products you would like to be re-stocked.

Will I be able to make special request of sizing?
You will be able to make requests for sizing (ie. Length of bracelet or necklace) by contacting us at contact@taleofnightingales.com and describe the specific size or length you feel comfortable with.

What materials are used for your jewelry products?
We only use the best materials for our pieces such as semi precious stones, freshwater pearls and framed glass stones. Our pieces are made with 18k gold plated or rhodium plated hardwares.

What materials are used for our sunglasses embelishments?
Our sunglasses are embelished with porcelain flowers.

How do I care for my Tale of Nightingales jewelries?
Please avoid contact with substances suchas perfume, lotions, hairspray and other harsh chemicals that may affect the finish.

How soon can I receive my order?
After you order, transfer and confirm your payment, we will process your order and ship your order in 48 hours and you will receive your order within 2-3 days after making your payment, depending on your location. For international orders, please allow a longer shipping time up to 10 days.

Can I change my shipping address after the order has been placed (checked out)?
Unfortunately, once you placed your order you cannot change the shipping address. The only way is to place another order specifying the correct address.

Can I add more items after I checked out?
Unfortunately you can’t. If you want to add items, kindly make a new order and notify us via email contact@taleofnightingales.com to combine your shipping.

How can I track my order?
You can track your order by signing in to your account and click the airwaybill number.
If you want us to check the current whereabouts of your orders, kindly email us to contact@taleofnightingales.com

Can I make a payment with credit card?
Unfortunately we can only accomodate payments through bank transfer for now. We will do our best to improve this and enable you to pay by credit card.

Will I be able to make special orders?
You can request certain adjustment to our design or personalisation by contacting us at contact@taleofnightingales.com with an additional cost. We will respond to your request to let you know whether the desired adjustment is possible and at what cost.