About Tale of Nightingales...

Tale of Nightingales is an online based accessories store that offers an array of whimsical, one of a kind, handcrafted accessories. We thrive in making high quality yet affordable accessories. Our collection ranges from classic, quirky, edgy and fun, so whichever style you are or whatever occasion you have, you can definitely find something you will love in our collection!
All of our pieces are personally designed and handcrafted by Mutiara Suseno using only the best quality materials imported from all over the world such as semi precious stones, glass stones, fresh water pearls, porcelain flowers, swarovski crystals and pearls which are put together with gold filled or 22k gold chains and findings, rhodium plated of stainless steel chains and findings. So if you treat our pieces with care, it will not change colour and can last a lifetime!
Each of our design is very limited with only 1 to 5 pieces made for each design, so you might get lucky and own a unique piece that no one else has!

Tale of Nightingales was created in 2013 by Mutiara Suseno, a law consultant who enjoys making jewelries and accessories in her free time.
At first she only makes jewelries for herself. The idea of making and designing her own jewelry comes because she can’t seem to find good quality jewelry (that won’t tarnish after a few wears) that suits her style with an affordable price. It was not until her friends and family started to ask her to make jewelries for them, that she realised there is actually a market for her jewelries…hence Tale of Nightingales was born!